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Edmond (Edo)

Ernest dit Alban

Queer scholar, zine maker, invested educator
Course Lecturer in the Department of East Asian studies at McGill University
Edo holds a PhD in Film and Moving Image Studies from Concordia University’s Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema (Montréal) and a French doctoral degree in Communication Sciences (SIC) from Paris Vincennes-Saint-Denis University. In 2020, Edo was recognized as a qualified educator in Japanese Studies by the French CNU.
To date, Edo’s transdisciplinary research on Japanese media mix (transmedia) has fostered crossroads in between film and media studies, gender studies, and cultural studies through a focus on lived urban space and ethnographic fieldworks. Edo’s work emerges from collaborations with grassroots fan communities to bridge academic and pedestrian interests in the past, current, and future participation of popular cultures on media environments and social movements in Japan.
Edo is currently running the Dôjin Journal: A Journal for Academics, Fans and Practitioners with Alvaro Hernandez-Hernandez for the prestigious Nichibunken center in Kyoto. They are also invested in para-academic books and zines projects to support alternative pipelines of knowledge creation and dissemination.

Twitter: @edo_dit